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As a working mom, I can not express how satisfied and grateful I felt with this school and the teachers. My son attended this school in 2012 after he turned 2 years old. He stayed there for one year until we relocated away. He loved this place, his friends and his teachers. He was the happiest kid thriving there.

We loved the convenient location, the bright classroom and the private playground in the community. Most importantly, we loved the teachers. They were so nice and patient with the kids. They helped with my son’s potty training in such a successful way which was really a relief for me. My son loves Ms Maria so much. Even now (6 months after we left), he still talks about Ms Maria and always wants to go back visiting her. Ms Maria is such a caring, loving and nice teacher, we feel so blessed to have her as my son’s teacher for one year. We felt that we were a close big family. We knew the teachers, the kids and other parents very well and we felt comfortable and safe with them.

Xiumei Song

Ms. Maria and Ms. Karen were my son’s teachers. We couldn’t have found more caring and creative professionals. I knew each day when I dropped him off he was in good hands. The location was so convenient because it is only a few blocks away from where I live. Previously my kids had attended schools that were at least a 20 minute walk. It doesn’t sound like a lot but pregnant or in cold weather the extra time makes a difference. Because the food was served family style it helped my son adjust to eating a variety of items and to having good manners at the table. We still visit the school on a regular basis to say hi to the teachers my son loves so much. This school is the best secret in town. When my son was going there, I didn’t tell anyone who asked about preschools that it existed because I wanted to keep it a secret!!! It has the best teacher student ratio in the downtown area.

Stacey Kurylo

Words cannot express how grateful and fortunate I feel to have had both my son and daughter attend Bright Beginnings. Not only did my children learn important social skills like how to share and take turns, they also learned many kindergarten readiness shills like letters, numbers, etc. Additionally the program was an immense help to me with potty training and other self help skills such as cleaning up after yourself. My children are not picky eaters and I attribute that to the family style eating approach the class takes which has the benefit of exposing children to different varieties of food. Without a doubt, the best part of the program are the teachers who are incredibly loving and supportive. The staff was so wonderful at keeping me and my husband abreast with our children’s daily social, emotional and developmental growth. I have nothing but fond memories of out time spent with Bright Beginnings.

Danielle Bello

Words can’t hardly express our thanks for each and every Bright Beginnings early childhood teacher and staff person that has been a part of our family for three years. We enrolled Basia to Bright Beginnings when she was only two years old. She was very hesitant and spent the first month, and then some, crying. Her lack of trust and security was very apparent, and rather an obstacle to overcome. Gradually, with the all teaches and staff members she has transformed from a tearful, reserved, and withdrawn toddler into an amazing, very intelligent, outgoing, and verbal young girl. Now she is a very productive 1st grader that is successful both academically and socially. The credit of her success truly belongs to those of you who have taught and mentored Basia on a daily basis. You have gone above and beyond just “doing a job.” You have loved, nurtured, and made lasting positive impressions on her life. You have given her a strong, stable foundation to build upon for future success.
Thank You,
Urszula and Peter

Urszula Glogowska, Basia's mom

Both our children were students at Bright Beginnings from the time they turned 2 until they enrolled in public pre-K. Even though each has an entirely different personality, they both loved the school and thrived there. Everything from the teachers and curriculum to the welcoming, fun space are wonderful. They have an abundance of indoor and outdoor play space–a rarity in NYC–and have an engaged and terrific teaching staff. We were truly sad each time we “graduated” from the program. It was like a second family to our kids. It also prepared them very well for when they started “real” school at pre-K, both socially and academically. We love Bright Beginnings NYC!

Diana Elkind

I can’t say enough great things about Bright Beginnings! The teachers are so caring, patient and kind. The admissions director is wonderful to work with, she is extremely informative and responsive. They have access to a wonderful outdoor park and new activities for the kids everyday. They have such creative ways of teaching the kids. My 2.5 year old son loves Bright Beginnings!

Brittany Jesser

Our three year old daughter attended the Pre-K afterschool program during the month of September and despite the short time of her attendance she had a wonderful experience. The program kept her engaged with numerous activities and helped get her tired for us parents. And as parents, we didn’t stress as we knew the school was a safe environment and the teachers were very attentive to her. Thank you!

Jeffrey Brandon

We love Bright Beginnings! This is a wonderful and nurturing environment that helps kids learn and grow academically and emotionally. Our child was always supported and encouraged here and thrived. So happy we sent our child to Bright Beginnings!


We really love Bright Beginnings!
My son loves to go to school every day and he is excited to see his teachers and friends. Bright Beginnings is little gem, a wonderful and nurturing environment that support kids on social emotional and academic levels. The teachers are very present and nurturing with the kids. The director is wonderful, always responsive and helpful.
The program is engaging and fun!
I love that they bring kids outdoor every day one or even twice.
Thank you


We had a great experience with Bright Beginnings NYC over the last 20 months. The education and care our son received was unbelievable. He received a solid educational foundation that provided support for both his academic and social emotional development.
In addition, schooling and care, the staff provided assistance, support and advice. Workshops were offered to the parents to address various areas of development. Being a first-time parent, we found these sessions incredibly valuable for his growth as well as our growth as parents. Additionally, we found that this fostered a sense of community amongst the parents. The staff also provides assistance individually when asked. Most importantly they work with you to achieve your goals.
We are sad that our son’s time here is done, but are grateful for the hard work that the teachers and Allison poured in each day allowing him to learn and develop. We recommend Bright Beginnings NYC for any parent of a 2- or 3-year-old.


From the moment that my son began Bright Beginnings at 2 years old we knew this was a special place. We were welcomed with open arms and he immediately felt a part of the community and loved. From the warm and dedicated teachers who treat each and every child as if they were their own, to the incredible education director Ms. Allison who is always supportive to the students as well as the parents. . Bright Beginnings is not just a “daycare” but a place where my son has grown and flourished in all areas from social to academic. I cannot thank the staff at Bright Beginnings enough for allowing my son to be a part of your family and for investing so much time and energy to ensuring that he had a truly wonderful preschool experience!

Bella Letizia

As a first time parent, navigating the NYC school system was a bit intimidating. We enrolled our son when he was about to turn 2 based on positive reviews and a brief school tour during COVID. Now, our son is 3 and I can definitely say sending him to Bright Beginnings was one of the best decisions we have ever made! The teachers and school director Allison are incredibly compassionate and attentive. They keep parents updated throughout the day on how their child is doing so I never had to wonder or worry. Each child gets specialized attention and care. Our son excelled greatly in his verbal skills and creativity after attending this school. He loves the environment and has made close friends. The facility is wonderful and there is lots of safe space to play both indoors and outdoors. The peace of mind I have when I drop my son off here is what sets this school apart- when we had our son attend another daycare out of state it only reinforced that belief and we can’t wait to send our 2nd child there next year.

Melody H

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