As a working mom, I can not express how satisfied and grateful I felt with this school and the teachers. My son attended this school in 2012 after he turned 2 years old. He stayed there for one year until we relocated away. He loved this place, his friends and his teachers. He was the happiest kid thriving there.

We loved the convenient location, the bright classroom and the private playground in the community. Most importantly, we loved the teachers. They were so nice and patient with the kids. They helped with my son’s potty training in such a successful way which was really a relief for me. My son loves Ms Maria so much. Even now (6 months after we left), he still talks about Ms Maria and always wants to go back visiting her. Ms Maria is such a caring, loving and nice teacher, we feel so blessed to have her as my son’s teacher for one year. We felt that we were a close big family. We knew the teachers, the kids and other parents very well and we felt comfortable and safe with them.