Enrichment Program

Bright Beginnings NYC Introduced their enrichment program in 2018. We are now happy to include the following extracurricular activities within our weekly curriculum: music, cooking, yoga, science, and reader’s theater.

Now let’s break these down a little further!

Music Mondays

Every Monday is Music Monday here at Bright Beginnings NYC. All circle times are themed around some kind of musical aspect. This may include an on theme song to dance to, a new song the kids may learn, or perhaps the use of different musical instruments to ring in the new week.


Cooking is interwoven within the regular curriculum lessons as much as possible. However, this special cooking period was added as a bonus since so many friends look forward to cooking all the time. It is a fantastic way to include math, science, social studies and sensory play all in one. The children enjoy making their creations, and have even more fun eating them.


Science is another period that is incorporated within the curriculum up to three times per week. However, we have added another science period to the afternoon sessions since it has been such a hit with all the students. The children are able to explore a wide array of different science projects broadening the amount of science fun they can have. This occurs every Monday afternoon


Yoga has been a fan favorite this year amongst the parents and the students. We have Yoga twice a week on Thursday mornings and Thursday afternoons. The children partake in group instruction with our Head Teachers, follow a themed yoga period and end with a deep meditation that allows them to calm their bodies and find their breathe.

Reader’s Theater

Reader’s Theater is an extracurricular period we save for our Fun Fridays here at the preschool. It allows the children to pick one of the books from our monthly curriculum and roleplay their favorite stories every Friday. The students take turns being the actors and audience and all have a blast putting on a show. It truly adds joy to everyone’s day and makes it a fun Friday to talk about on their way home.