Food and Nutrition

At Bright Beginnings NYC, we strongly believe that good nutrition is a cornerstone of a child’s physical and academic growth. Our meals program meets and exceeds USDA dietary guidelines, and ensures that all students are served nutritional foods in appropriate amounts for their dietary needs. Additionally, we create a homogeneous atmosphere by serving meals family-style, having teachers sit with the children during lunch and encouraging conversation and positive mealtime etiquette. Lastly, we always take notice of any child who has specific food allergies, or special dietary needs.

Our full time students are served three meals per day, namely breakfast, lunch and an afternoon snack. Our morning students are served breakfast.

Breakfast includes various cereals and 1% milk. We strive to provide healthy choices, and avoid products that contain high fructose corn syrup, unnecessary food colorings/additives, and excess sugars.

Lunch is catered by My Red Rabbit, a well-known NY metro area school meal provider whose programs are commended by chefs, nutritionists and pediatricians. Their foods are prepared from scratch daily, and include locally-sourced and farm-fresh fruits, vegetables and dairy products. All lunches are specially formulated to meet growing children’s dietary needs, as well as state guidelines, and include protein, starch, vegetables, and fresh fruit, accompanied by 1% milk. Please take a look at this sample lunch menu from My Red Rabbit, and rest assured that your child will be getting proper – and yummy – nutrition as part of our program. A weekly menu will be provided on our home page.

Our afternoon snacks will include a bread or bread product, dairy, fruit, raw veggies, and 1% milk. Children will be encouraged to “build” their own snack as a means of fostering their nutritional independence, improving their motor-skill coordination, and, best of all, because they simply like to eat what they make!